Promo – Icons: A Night With Studio Ghibli – Saturday November 23rd

Toy Flavor Radio Icons highlights the work of one important studio, or brand, that has affected us all to the depth of our cores. These special episodes take on deeper look at the selected Icon’s history and, especially, the music associated with them that inspired and moved us all.

Toy Flavor Radio is proud to announce our first Icon program honoring my favorite animation studio.

The legendary masters of animation, Studio Ghibli, has been an enormously profound part of our lives, even if you don’t recall every movie or TV episode they’ve produced since its founding in 1985.

On Saturday, November 23rd, we welcome you to come, relax and join us for Toy Flavor Radio’s ‘Icons: A Night with Studio Ghibli. 

We’ll enjoy a look at a rich company history and the soundtracks to many of the studios award winning and heartwarming productions.

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Toy Flavor Radio: Icons is an exciting series of podcasts we know you will love listening to over and over again.

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