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Marvel – Alpha Flight – Vol. 1 – #39A

Series Group Alpha Flight
Genre Adventure, Super-Heroes
No. of Pages 32
Color Color
Country USA
Language English
Release Date October 1986
Writer Bill Mantlo
Penciller Dave Ross
Inker Whilce Portacio
Colorist Bob Sharen
Letterer Jim Novak, Joe Rosen
Cover Penciller Mike Mignola
Cover Inker P. Craig Russell
Editor Carl Potts
Editor In Chief Jim Shooter

The Invasion Of Atlantis!

Alpha Flight ignores direct orders from the Canadian government and goes to attack Atlantis. Snowbird regrets having chosen to remain human, and Thompson storms off without her, going after their son. Atlantis fires the first shot, blowing the Omnijet out of the sky. After an underwater skirmish, Alpha Flight meets up with the Avengers and plans to rescue Marrina. They are together surrounded by Attuma’s forces, and the story continues in Avengers 272).