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Marvel – Alpha Flight – Vol. 1 – #38A

Series Group Alpha Flight
Genre Adventure, Super-Heroes
No. of Pages 36
Color Color
Country USA
Language English
Release Date July 1986
Writer Bill Mantlo
Penciller Dave Ross
Inker Gerry Talaoc
Colorist Bob Sharen
Letterer Jim Novak, Joe Rosen
Cover Penciller Dave Ross
Cover Inker Randy Emberlin
Editor Carl Potts
Editor In Chief Jim Shooter


Namor fights Attuma’s forces alone and is overcome. The Atlanteans don’t want Marrina as their queen, since she is an alien monster. Namor goes to the Avengers for aid, sending Byrrah to Alpha Flight. Pestilence takes Mac’s face to deter Heather from attacking him, but she belts him one, anyway. Judd pulls him under the ice, and he and Heather free the team. Snowbird becomes a sasquatch to fight Pestilence, but he controls all the great beasts, and they attack. Michael dons Elizabeth’s tiara to become Talisman, and he banishes the great beasts, except for the Snowbird Sasquatch, who attacks Pestilence, who flees underground, still possessing Thompson and Snowbird’s baby.