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Marvel – Alpha Flight – Vol. 1 – #32A

Series Group Alpha Flight
Genre Adventure, Super-Heroes
No. of Pages 32
Color Color
Country USA
Language English
Release Date March 1986
Writer Bill Mantlo
Penciller Jon Bogdanove
Inker Gerry Talaoc
Colorist Bob Sharen
Letterer Jim Novak
Cover Artist Mike Mignola
Editor Carl Potts
Editor In Chief Jim Shooter

Short Story!

Heather shows up for training in Guardian’s suit. She has had done with being powerless. Jeffries controls the Danger Room’s machines with his mind and gives her quite a workout. Judd is overcome with pain in the elevator, which fills with a strange darkness. It billows out over the mansion, announces itself as Razer, and claims Judd, who has been transformed into a tall old man. It uses its Black Blade to slice Northstar and Roger, and this attack shrinks them slightly. Judd explains to Jeffries that this is his true form, that he stole the Black Blade of Baghdad in 1939, accidentally freeing Razer, an ancient mystic, whom he defeated by imprisoning him inside his own body. He was shrunk to dwarf-size and in constant pain since. Judd gets Aurora and Northstar to attack Razer with light and a swirling vortex. He grapples the blade out of its hand and impales himself, releasing the energy of his soul and imprisoning Razer within himself once more.