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DC – Action Comics Vol. 1 – #627

Genre Adventure, Super-Heroes, Action
No. of Pages 48
Color Color
Country USA
Language English
Release Date 10/4/1988
Writer Roger Stern, Martin Pasko, Sharon Wright, Marv Wolfman, James C. Owsley
Plotter Cherie Wilkerson
Penciller Curt Swan, Randy DuBurke, Frank Springer, Mark D. Bright
Artist Tom Mandrake
Inker Frank McLaughlin, Pablo Marcos, Romeo Tanghal, Murphy Anderson
Colorist Carl Gafford, Adrienne Roy, Tom Ziuko, Anthony Tollin, Gene D’Angelo
Letterer John Costanza, Steve Haynie, Bill Oakley, Albert De Guzman
Cover Artist Gil Kane
Editor Dan Raspler, Barbara Kesel, Bob Greenberger, Denny O’Neil, Mike Carlin

And Now… Captain Atom / A Bird In The Hand… / Knock’em Dead, Part 4 / Panic In The Sands! / Rocks And Hard Places, Part 1: Travels / Rocks And Hard Places, Part 2: Distractions
Green Lantern: And Now… Captain Atom – The alien is trying to adapt to Earth customs but isn’t succeeding very well. His only model was very violent, and it is in this manner that he greets Captain Atom. Secret Six: A Bird in the Hand… – Rafael learns the identity of Mockingbird, while the rest of the team works the case from another angle.Black Canary: Knock ‘Em Dead, Part 4 – Black Canary goes undercover to track down the killers and is so convincing that she garners the wrong kind of attention.Superman: Panic in the Sands! – Clark and Bob are under heavy fire and trying very hard to stay alive and stop the attackers. Nightwing: Rocks and Hard Places, Chapters One and Two – Speedy is traveling to Ireland to give Lian some heritage, and they run into a drug shipment. They split up, with Nightwing heading back home to investigate a possible C.B.I. connection
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