ToyFlavor’s Guide to Demographics and Genres: Part 2


Still looking for a new anime to watch or a fresh manga to read?


In our last post, we learned about the four most common Japanese media demographics, so that must have narrowed your search a bit! While this list is in no way a fully comprehensive list, I have selected eight popular genres that you will find throughout anime and manga. If you’ve been browsing our site, you’ll know that ToyFlavor LOVES anime and manga–and we bet you do too! So settle in as we go over eight binge-worthy anime (and manga) genres.

supernatural anime genre

Supernatural Anime and Manga

The genre “Supernatural” is incredibly diverse. Within this, you’ll find all the things that exist outside of what is normal: gods, demons, vampires, yokai (traditional Japanese spirits), people with superpowers, even other worlds hidden within our own. These stories can contain elements of romance, horror, fantasy, and more.

Examples for Supernatural anime and manga include:

If you’re in the mood for the strange and unusual, give a Supernatural manga or anime a try.

action anime genre

Action Anime and Manga


Action anime and manga are stories that deal with high levels of action and dramatic fight scenes. Action anime and manga typically have a battle or fight scene every other episode at a minimum and may be divided into story arcs that deal with different conflicts.

Examples of the Action genre include:

Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime with this genre that is chock full of action, fighting, and–often–a healthy dose of adventure.

sports anime genre

Sports Anime and Manga

When we think of western fiction, we usually don’t think about Sports, but within Japan, there is a wealth of manga and anime centered around the world of competitions and athletics.

The genre definition is pretty self-explanatory: the media is about sports–or at least about intense competition, like in the world of traditional Japanese card games.

Works within this genre are compelling because we get to see our favorite characters work hard and fight to win! And who doesn’t like the taste of victory?

Examples of Sports anime include:

Make sure you do your stretches and get outside this summer–or you can stay on your couch and watch other people train instead!

isekai anime genre

Isekai Anime and Manga

Isekai is a genre of fiction in which a protagonist is sent to or trapped in another world, separate from their reality.

Examples of Isekai include:

Next time you’re stuck on the infinite Netflix or Crunchyroll loop, let yourself get transported to another world with an Isekai anime.


mecha anime genre

Mecha Anime and Manga

Mecha (short for Mechanical) is a genre where technology and sci-fi reign supreme. Every work within this genre will have a giant robot or a giant mechanical suit that can be worn by the characters.

Examples of Mecha include:

This genre has been a classic since the 1970s, so it’s about time you gave it a chance!


horror anime genre

Horror Anime and Manga

Horror is a genre that falls within the wider genre of speculative fiction. Its purpose is to frighten, disgust, scare, or repulse the reader or viewer by creating a sense of terror, dread, or horror.

Examples of Horror include:

If you feel like watching something scary, give the Horror Genre a try!


slice of life anime genre

Slice of Life Anime and Manga

Slice of Life highlights the mundane. The stories are realistic and ordinary. This is a genre that praises everyday life.

Examples Slice of Life include:

Slice of Life is great for when you need to relax and destress. It’s also a genre that will remind you of simpler pre-global pandemic times, and we all need some of that.

romance anime genre

Romance Anime and Manga

Romance is focused on just one thing–LOVE! These can range from innocent and sweet to the more “mature” ecchi side. The Romance genre is an umbrella that also contains the BL (Boys’ Love) and GL (Girls’ Love) subgenres, which focus on LGBT romances.

Examples Romance include:

If you want your heart to go doki doki give the Romance genre a try!

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of every genre you’ll find in anime and manga, I hope you’ve found a new anime to watch or manga to read during your quarantine!