Artist – RainbowCupcakeMonster

Kassandra Jasmin Alvarado (AKA RainbowCupcakeMonster) is a comic book artist and character designer.

Born and raised in NYC, she was fortunate enough to have a lot of exposure to a variety of art. Never was there a day in Kassandra’s life that she wasn’t interested in becoming a professional artist. Kassandra was also always a huge fan of video games and retro cartoons/anime.

Her first piece of artwork she can recall was fan art of the 1996 hit video game Tomb Raider—at the age of three.

Inspired by video games and 90’s cartoons, she decided in the 4th-grade to take her growing talent to the next level. Kassandra began making her own characters and stories and aimed to share them with the world as she grew older.

After years of self-taught practice and attending a Cartooning-focused program in her High School, she graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2016 with a BFA in Cartooning. You can say for sure, without a doubt, this girl KNOWS what she’s doing!

Today, Kassandra runs her freelancing and comic book company RainbowCupcakeMonster. She has had the opportunity to use her skills with lots of clients including celebrities!

If you manage to spot her away from her workspace, you’ll likely find her shopping for plushies to add to her massive collection, participating in rigorous outdoor activities, daydreaming about getting pets, playing video games, listening to 80’s/90’s and electronic music, and making friends in the art community!