About Toy Flavor USA

It started with a valiant, ambitious concept to sell toys online. Low prices and fill a practical need (September 2019). Did pretty good, too.

Even started a podcast, the Toy Flavor Radio Soundtrack Show. Co-Host and everything! Lots of listens even as we speak. Still going strong. (September 2019 – April 2019)

Then the pandemic.

Things changed.

Including Toy Flavor’s purpose.

Everything on this site has been curated, inventoried, and preserved as part of an expanding private collection. If there is a picture of it, we have it in the collection physically.

All part of an ever-growing monster collection of fandom. This site just allows you a glimpse of what’s been curated.

Links on all the items point toward Amazon for similar products but NEVER the items I own. Sorry … that ship has sailed. From comic books to statues to action figures to anime … you’re witnessing the world’s largest private collection in the works.

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